Neurodiversity resources

It can be difficult to find relationship-focused support and education for Sensory Processing Differences, Autism Spectrum, and other Individual Differences. Here are a few helpful online spots to get you started. Comments and insight are always welcome--you are the expert when it comes to what you need and value. 


Amythest Schaber's "Ask an Autistic"

Check out her Youtube Channel and her tumblr account, where she addresses common questions about what it is like to be autistic! 


INterdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning

The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning is a not-for-profit organization with resources on relationship-based therapies and assessments for Sensory Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Communication and INclusion.jpeg

STAR Institute for SEnsory Processing Disorder

Learn more about sensory processing differences and how these often hidden differences can impact your child’s behavior and capacity for self-regulation!


Institute on Communication and inclusion

Syracuse University’s Institute provides resources and training focused on “school and community inclusion, narratives of disability and ability, and disability rights.”

Deborah Reber's son is Differently Wired. Considered a negative disruptor in school it was moving to Amsterdam and hearing that term being used in a positive way that has led her to champion the importance of Neurodiversity.