From anxiety in children to ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, behavioral problems to emotional regulation, I provide personalized assessment with the intention of uncovering whole-brain supports that help you, the parent, connect more deeply with your child and bring peace back into your family. You might be here because you are struggling in one of the following areas:


No matter what brings you here, you do not have to carry it alone.

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Neurodiversity: ADHD, Sensory processing and Autism Spectrum

It can be difficult to find relationship-focused support and education for Sensory Processing Differences, Autism Spectrum, and other Individual Differences. Supporting families with these diagnoses through specialized relationship-based and developmental treatment has been an area of focus for me for the past 6 years.


Changes in the family including divorce, a recent move, birth of a sibling, or moving to a new school can be difficult for a child to process. If you think your child’s recent changes in behavior or regulation may be linked to this, Relationship-based therapy, Play Therapy and/or Parent Consultation can help support you and your child through this transition.

Parenting support

you don’t have to do it alone — Every parent needs a nurturing, supportive environment, and if you are struggling with any of the above challenges, you especially deserve consultation with a professional and ongoing nurturance! I provide parent support through ongoing individual consultation and assessment. You are doing the very best with the resources you have, and I want to remind you that new resources are also available when you feel you are at the end of your rope.


Local resources

Resources for Sensory Processing, Grief/Loss, Gender Identity, and Post Traumatic Stress coming soon for Portland Metro area

connect with other parents online - 

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Anxiety,Depression,and behavioral changes

Some people find that they are just feeling different than they used to, or perhaps you’d been feeling this way for a while and are just now seeking help. Reach out if you think you or your child is experiencing changes in mood and behavior.

Developmental Trauma

If you or your child has experienced chronic trauma, seeking help and support from a trained professional is a step towards recovery.

Relationship changes and Loss

Relationships are unpredictable — When it comes to building a family, none of us set out to make it hard. But enexpected grief, loss, sickness, and separations occur and throw us for a loop. Children deserve a space to process these changes, and play therapy can provide this alongside parent and caregiver support—because you the parent are the driving force for change in your child’s life.

Process and Education Groups

Connect with a group who gets it- Process groups provide a space to build community with others who have been through similar struggles as you and your family! Often families feel isolated when in a transition or struggle, and connection brings life, resources and a sense of understanding that can be revitalizing. Educational groups can give you a better understanding of a certain topic, like parenting highly sensitive children, supporting children with ADHD, or other relevant topics! Check this page for a list of ongoing groups and workshops.