Play Therapy and Parent Support


High-quality, integrative counseling for children with social, emotional, or behavioral challenges, childhood trauma, or developmental differences.

Compassionate, Relationship-Based Counseling for adults adjusting to parenting and parents of children with individual differences and behavioral challenges.

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Welcome! You may be here because you are worried about your child, frustrated with behavior, or at the end of your rope when it comes to parenting. Parenting is hard, and our family relationships can be difficult and confusing! My goal as an Early Childhood Specialist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist, is to connect with you or your child with compassion and discover together the root of what is going on and move towards relief and healing. You are the expert on your life and on your child, but we could all use a guide to help us through tough times, confusing behaviors, and scary emotions. I’ve been helping parents and children navigate tough situations and difficult emotions since 2013. With me, I hope you will engage in counseling that is personalized, brain-based and attachment-focused with an in-depth assessment process. Take a look around my site to find resources, to learn how I can help children and families, or to contact me directly!


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Thanks for investing time in learning about my counseling services. The fact that you are here is proof that you care deeply. You are doing your very best with the resources you have, and you deserve all the love and support for that. I am here to help, to listen, and to believe in you! As a parent myself, I know that we are all trying to help our kids, even when emotions get the best of us, when our limits are tested, and when it feels like things may never get better.

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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is an evidence-based counseling service which takes into account the developmental and emotional needs of children. It’s effectiveness has been measured with children with a variety of concerns including developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavioral challenges, child sex abuse, developmental delays and differences, and changes in the family including divorce, a recent move, birth of a sibling, or moving to a new school.

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A Nurturing, Brain-Based Perspective

As a child therapist, I blend my experience in interpersonal neurobiology, infant mental health, developmental psychology and behavioral health to treat a wide range of behavioral and relational concerns. I believe that my holistic approach to connection with each person creates lasting healing through connection between brain, body, and relationships.

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Who I am

Whether you are seeking help for your little one or for yourself, it helps to get an idea of who your therapist is and whether they would be a good fit for you!

Plan Your Visit

I JUST opened my new location in Beaverton on Cedar Hills Blvd! I am so excited about it, and I have been carefully designing my spacious playroom set up specially to meet the needs of very little ones all the way through adulthood. My office is inside Suite 120, Northwest Neurodevelopment Center. Come on in and have a seat in the waiting room. I will come get you at our appointment time! Until I have better photos, here is a picture of the playroom, right before I began filling it with toys:

Photos of the completed room coming soon! Can’t wait to meet you here!

Photos of the completed room coming soon! Can’t wait to meet you here!

Coming to See Me for the First Time? Not sure where Suite 120 is? Follow me! I’ve created a short video of myself walking in from 3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd!


Resources and Recommendations

From anger and aggression to autism spectrum disorder, sensory kids and fears and phobias, to name a few, you’re probably here to search for answers. These are booklists from cutting edge research in all things infancy, child development, sensory processing, and neurobiology as well as parenting and the power of play

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